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Navigating through the chaos to help you find your character


Mastering Success

“Building a world of great character one person at a time” Mary G. Crampton
AnOddBox ®  believes that the most amazing work of art ever created is that of a human.  The word Bastardized means to alter from the original state. You were meant to do what your origin was designed to do. Since the day you were born, people—some with good intentions, some without—have been trying to mold you into the person they believe you should be. Often unwittingly bastardizing you away from your origin, as others have done to them throughout time. The common thread here is, “That is the way things have always been.” It is common to simply do what has always been done. Walk the paths that have already been paved. And be, what has always been. But you are you! You cannot be anything other than you. I am confident, the chaos you feel, it is the bastardized you trying to force the original you, to be what you were not designed to be. “If it does not go smoothly, do not force it. It will likely break.” At AnOddBox ®  we help you create a map to help you be what you were designed to be, and do what you were designed to do. Using our Character Profiling techniques, we help you find your Engraved Marks of Character that defines the origin of you. You will discover how, knowing you, and understanding you, will help you go beyond the chaos, and live your life. “Character is not what you do, or have done… Character is who you are…”
Located in Leander Texas
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