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Ronald E. Crampton - MA, LAC, LPC, co-author of the upcoming book, The Engraved Mark: A Journey to Find Character I often say that I am a Psychology Nerd. All I seem to think about is human behavior. I think about thinking.  I think about character. I graduated from Northwest Nazarene University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology. I went on to receive my Master’s of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the University of Denver. I hold a License in Addictions Counseling (LAC) and a License in Professional Counseling (LPC). I have worked in the field of psychology for six years, three of which, in our own private practice. I am skilled in the various treatment modalities of psychology. But I specialize in the art of Character Profiling. Before psychology I engaged in ten years as a Designer of Land Development. Before that, I served four years as a Marine—I am a war veteran. I often must disclose to new clients: I am a Marine (I am a Grunt), who likes Little House on the Prairie. My history has been about finding character. I observe, I assess, and I offer what I know to help individuals define who they truly are. I do not want you to be me. I do not want to teach you how to live a life written in books. I want you to be you and for you to write your own life, as who you are. For me, it is all about Character. Mary G. Crampton - MBA, BS, PMP, PBA - , co-author of the upcoming book, The Engraved Mark: A Journey to Find Character Ron considers himself a nerd and I consider myself a girl geek. I like technology, Star Wars, the Big Bang Theory and the Lord of the Rings movies! I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Math and Computer Science and a Master’s in Business Administration. I am a certified Business Analyst and certified Project Manager with twenty-five years of business experience. I leave the consulting and speaking to my brilliant business partner and I take care of the marketing, technology and business aspects of the business. I believe in the vision of AnOddBox ® , which is to make a difference in peoples’ lives by helping them to see their true self and to continuously work to improve. Every day is an opportunity...an opportunity to live, learn and become a better version of yourself.   Jon Crampton – Director Our amazing director and son who helps us with our website, social media and understanding the voice of his generation. Jon is an avid gamer pursuing a degree in 3D Animation and intends to achieve a career in directing video game design.
“Building a world of great character one person at a time” Mary G. Crampton
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