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Mastering Success

“Building a world of great character one person at a time” Mary G. Crampton
At times, do you feel that people seem to be struggling? At times, does it feel like the world is just in chaos? People seem to be very reactive to the events that are happening in the world today. There seems to be two extremes—suppression (avoidance) and aggression (combat).  When asked, most people often do not know why they are behaving (reacting) the way they do. As humans, we are supposed to know what we are doing AND understand why we are doing anything! The what may be out in the world but the why can only be within you. Now is the time for each of us to understand the why. This starts with closely examining ourselves and learning to define our unique values. Once we do this, we control our reactions to what is happening in the world with our unique values (the whys). Change to the world can occur with one person. One person can begin a movement that could positively change the way our world is today. An   Engraved   Mark   is   the   mark   of   who   you   are   engraved   on   your   soul.   To   discover   and   define   your   Engraved Marks,   your   Character,   you   must   first   reflect   on   the   life   events   that   scripted   who   you   perceive   yourself   to be   today.   We   refer   to   this   as   Going   Back   to   Zero.   In   this   book,   An   Engraved   Mark:   A   Journey   to   Find Character,   Ron   starts   by   reflecting   on   his   personal   journey   through   his   lifetime   where   he   goes   back   to   zero   as   preparation   to   start   the journey   to   find   the   values   that   define   his   character.   The   book   then   moves   into   the   journey   where   in   collaboration   with   Mary,   we explain   the   characters   and   virtues   we   have   found   and   defined,   and   we   offer   guidance   to   help   you   with   your   own   personal   journey. There is a destination to the story but you must take the journey to find your Engraved Mark.  Although   Ron   has   degrees   in   psychology,   understand   that   this   book   is   not   your   typical   self-help   book.   It   contains   an   engaging   weave   of personal   stories   blended   with   comprehensive   information   about   human   behaviors.   The   content   is   an   intriguing   mixture   of   Marine grunt,   psychology,   Little   House   on   the   Prairie   and   ultimately,   optimistic   hope. As   you   read   this   book,   go   ahead   laugh,   cry   and   even   get angry but use the information to discover your destination—your Engraved Mark.
An Engraved Mark: A Journey to Find Character
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