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What Is AnOddBox ® ?

Mastering Success

How many times have you heard the phrase, “Think outside the box...” The phrase indicates that a box confines thoughts to the common way of thinking. What is wrong with the thinking, inside the box, that succeeding requires one to think outside it? A box is meant to hold and store things. A box has four walls to give it strength. A box has a bottom, which is generally sealed to keep the things from falling out. And a box has a top, which provides one opening to get the things out. This one opening, presents a bit of a conundrum. Thoughts that are confined to a box means that these are the only thoughts that can be considered. Like a rat in a maze, the points are already there thus the rat only needs to determine the linear paths from one point to the next to the next. This is Linear Thinking. Within the box, is Linear Thinking. Thus to not be a linear thinker, one must get out of the box. But the box only has one opening. One linear path from the inside of the box, to outside the box. How does one think outside the box, when all we hold, all we know is linear? Metacognition, meaning to think about our thoughts, affords us the ability to rationally define life, and more importantly it affords us the ability to rationally define ourselves! AnOddBox ®  is a concept of a box of thoughts, which opens on every side.  As such, AnOddBox ®  cannot have walls to hold and store thoughts, but rather AnOddBox ®   releases thoughts—from every side—in every direction. In a nutshell, AnOddBox ®  is not a box.  It is you... At AnOddBox ® , we will help you think outside the common box. We help you discover and define your character. We help you to define who you are! “Mastering success will always begin at zero”
“Building a world of great character one person at a time” Mary G. Crampton
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