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Navigating through the chaos to help you find your character


Mastering Success

“Building a world of great character one person at a time” Mary G. Crampton
Located in Leander Texas
The face of the workplace. Every business creates a logo. Every business creates a Mission Statement and a Vision Statement. But when I ask the question, “What does the business look like?” many business owners, executives and employees have difficulty truly answering this question. Although it was cool for us to create our first trademark, the face of the business is not AnOddBox ® . It is not an apple or a window or an arching letter. From the creating owner to the new hire, the face of the business is what I see when I experience the people. With Character Profiling we look at temperaments as these are the natural responses to every event experienced. The goal of identifying temperaments is to define Character. You will often hear me say, “Character is temperament defined.” An individual uses defined Character to choose a proper measure of response to follow their own path. A business, however, has many individuals. Which individual chooses the path of the business? Ideally, it should not be one individual. Instead, it should be the business—the collective group of all employees—whether it be an individual contributor, a manager or an owner.  At AnOddBox ® , the face of the business is not Ron’s face, it is not Mary’s face, it is not Jon’s face. AnOddBox ®  has the face of Character. Each of us fit, where we naturally fit. And together all can see the Character—the Face—of AnOddBox ® . Using the Character Profiling techniques, we help you define the Character of the business. We help the staff to define their own Character to determine the compatibility of fit. We help you see the face of the business, and we help you to let the business choose its path. “The value of a leader, is seen in the actions of the followers.”  
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