An Engraved Mark: A Journey to Find Character


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The book starts with Ron’s personal struggles through some of the chaos of his lifetime where he finds the values of character. It then moves into a journey section which takes you on an island adventure to find the marks of Characters and Virtues for your own personal journey.

Understand these two are a couple of odd ducks and this is not a typical self-help book. Ron’s style is an intriguing mixture of Marine grunt, counseling psychology and Little House on the Prairie–blunt but with his heart always in the right place. Mary’s style is an interesting mixture of the entrepreneurial, analytical, and Girl Geek who used her expertise in the collaboration of the message and the optimistic hope for the book. The conversational tone and the engaging weave of personal stories is what makes the book such a unique experience for the reader.

Ron and Mary Crampton said: Our hope with this book, An Engraved Mark: A Journey to Find Character, is that for those of you who are like us–and feel you are standing in the middle of a desert with three-hundred and sixty degrees of horizons that all look the same–this book will help you take your first step in the direction of who you are. We believe this book to be ground breaking and hope that it will start a movement a movement towards creating a world of great character, one unique person at a time.

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